Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement

Each school year, the entire 5th grade student body, about 800 students, participate in Junior Achievement’s BizTown and the entire 7th grade student body, about 800 students, participate in JA Finance Park.

In recent years students have demonstrated an alarming decrease in their understanding of basic economic principles. Additionally, employers report widespread decline in basic employment skills and government reports give further evidence of the diminishing ability among young people to manage personal finances. To combat this struggle, the Education Foundation is committed to sending all 5th and 7th grade students in the NAFC School System to a Junior Achievement interactive classroom every year. Student’s not only visit the state of the art simulated community at Junior Achievement Kentckiana’s downtown Louisville campus, but the also complete a five week course of study at their middle school.

JA BizTown

JA BizTown is a creative hands-on program designed to respond to employer and community leader concerns that students lacked the basic understanding of the economics and life skills needed for future roles in the workplace. The program combines a four-week classroom curriculum with a state-of-the art interactive free enterprise laboratory located in Louisville. The JA BizTown experience helps students learn and apply rigorous academic standards in math, civics, social studies, language arts and technology as 5th grade students play real life roles as citizens of their very own mini town. The school district will send about 950 students per year through this program.

JA Finance Park

JA Finance Park is a month-long economics education program that introduces personal financial planning and career exploration to 8th grade students. Classroom teachers deliver financial literacy basics during a four-week period, then students visit JA Finance Park to put into practice what they’ve learned about economic options and the principles of budgeting. Assisted by their teachers and a staff of trained volunteers, they have the opportunity to actually develop and commit to a personal budget. About 925 New Albany-Floyd students will participate in this program each year.

All NAFCS students are sent through Junior Achievement programing in memory of James Robinson