Seeking Contributors for Alumni Spotlight Column

Seeking Contributors for Alumni Spotlight Column

The NAFC Education Foundation is committed to fostering strong connections with our valued NAFC alumni and alumni supporters through our monthly email newsletter, the Legacy Ledger. Our primary goal is to ensure you stay well-informed about the profound impact of your financial contributions to the Education Foundation on our community. Additionally, we are dedicated to sharing the latest on alumni-specific initiatives including an engaging “Alumni Spotlight” column that illuminates the remarkable journeys of our schools’ graduates and individuals who have played pivotal roles in shaping our schools’ rich history.

Since our inaugural Legacy Ledger newsletter in September 2020, Rex Bickes (FCHS ’70) has enthusiastically spearheaded our cherished “Alumni Spotlight” column. Under his guidance, our readers have been treated to a collection of enlightening and uplifting tales from the distinguished alumni of New Albany High School, Floyd Central High School, Georgetown High School (1912-1967), and even the racially segregated Scribner High School (1880-1952). On occasion, Rex has astounded us by showcasing individuals who have profoundly influenced NAFC students like September 2023’s special feature on two dearly departed elementary school principals.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of welcoming several esteemed guest contributors to the Alumni Spotlight column, including Kelly Watkins (FCHS ’84), Chris Morris (NAHS ’79), and Calise Peden Mossler (NAHS, ’70), each of whom brought their unique perspectives and insights to our readership. We are thankful to all our writers who invested in the Education Foundation’s efforts to connect with our alumni and bring their stories to all of us.

We’d love for a few of our readers to step up and consider being a contributor to the Alumni Spotlight column. Kelly Watkins, a current guest contributor, suggested that our writers:

  • Enjoy connecting with people and discovering the “fun stuff” that goes beyond a traditional bio.
  • Have some flexibility to interview alumni at their convenience.
  • Enjoy writing for a specific audience and purpose.

Expectations of Alumni Spotlight Contributors

You can bring your suggestion of alumni pairs to us, or we can connect you with a pair of individuals for the Alumni Spotlight.

After completing online research about the individuals, you will schedule a short interview with each of the individuals to aid in your writing.

You will write a piece that is approved by the alumni interviewees.

Once your column is completed and sent to us, we will copyedit your piece and return it to you for final approval.

We are excited to have new contributors join us in sharing the stories of their fellow alumni. We will aid you throughout the process, so we encourage you to connect with us if you have any interest or questions.

Contact Sherri McKeen, Alumni Coordinator with the NAFC Education Foundation, at or Rex Bickers at to learn more about being a guest contributor for the Alumni Spotlight column. 

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