Great Classroom Grants Lead to Positive Student Outcomes

Great Classroom Grants Lead to Positive Student Outcomes

With the $90,000 in Great Classroom Grants awarded during the 2022-23 school year, the total amount awarded in classroom grants since 2011 has exceeded $1,000,000. Thank you for supporting the work of the NAFC Education Foundation and making these innovative, life-changing,  enriching initiatives possible.

From funding hands-on instructional resources to expanding classroom libraries, these grants are enriching the learning experiences of our students. Despite the diversity among the array of projects funded by Great Classroom Grants, there are consistent notable outcomes.

With new math manipulatives, science lab resources, STEM activities, white boards, and other hands-on resources to use in conjunction with the curriculum, you will see students:
  • Being challenged to think critically
  • As more engaged learners
  • Increase their retention of knowledge and have improved understanding
  • Find new personal strengths and interests in more advanced studies
  • Be surprised by how much they learn while having fun

More books have been brought into the NAFC school’s classrooms with new class sets of books to allow groups to read the same book together, multicultural books to expand students’ knowledge of the world, and expanding classroom libraries with more levels of books available to students. You will see students:
  • Improve their reading level
  • Have more engagement with reading
  • Excited to find new selections of book topics
  • Find books of higher interest for their grade level but written to meet their lower reading level
  • Grasp higher level reading material with supportive resources

With more alternative seating, soft start resources, and classroom organization tools, teachers reported higher engagement of students, less disruptions, less tardies, and more positive classroom environments.

Grants were also awarded to purchase supplies for elective courses which allowed proper equipment and supplies for every student regardless of their family’s financial status. Students were provided with first-time exposure to specific tools, materials, and equipment.

These Great Classroom Grants are just some of the innovative projects funded in the 2022-23 school year. 

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