2023 Royal Court Winner Crowned

2023 Royal Court Winner Crowned

Excerpt from the December 2023 Legacy Ledger:

2023 Royal Court Winner Crowned

Eight distinguished graduates showcased their commitment to education by participating in the 2023 NAFC Royal Court, a competition that surpassed all expectations. Together, they rallied and raised an impressive sum of over $53,000, a testament to their unwavering dedication to supporting the students and educators of NAFC schools.

Among these remarkable individuals, Vicki Hays-Pierce (FCHS ’96) emerged as a shining star, securing the coveted crown for her outstanding fundraising efforts. Vicki raised more than $13,000 in donations to further the mission of the NAFC Education Foundation.

A heartfelt appreciation extends to each member of the 2023 Royal Court, whose spirited competition and collective generosity made this extraordinary feat possible. Take a few minutes to enjoy our video showcasing the remarkable members of the 2023 Royal Court.

For alumni who remain passionate about contributing to the Education Foundation and joining the esteemed ranks of Legacy NAFC members, we invite you to continue your legacy. Please submit your donation with the alumni giving form.

The Royal Court takes the spotlight on the front page of the News and Tribune, published on Tuesday, December 21. Don’t miss the feature—take a look!

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