$20,000 Awarded To NAFCS Teachers for Classroom Resources

$20,000 Awarded To NAFCS Teachers for Classroom Resources

This week, the NAFC Education Foundation awarded $20,000 to 80 NAFCS teachers through their Great Classroom Project grant opportunity.

Teachers may apply for $250 towards classroom resources and COVID-19 response resources. The Foundation has committed $75,000 to Great Classroom Projects this year and will continue to fund classroom needs until all funding is distributed.

Great Classroom Projects were started in 2009 to provide additional resources to creative teachers for learning opportunities that enhance the educational and curricular objectives of their classrooms. Since that time, over $800,000 in classroom resources have been put into the hands of teachers and students in all 16 NAFC schools.

For more information, please visit: /initiatives_posts/greatclassroomprojects/.

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